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Sample Content

Within each topic, we will introduce core concepts with a presentation and worksheets. Our presentations include summaries, flowcharts and step-by-step guides. Our worksheets allow students to revise on concepts which prepare them for examinations. For more samples on the individual chapters, please scroll down and click on the required chapters (Blue Links).

Sample Presentation

 Sample Presentation

Sample Worksheet

 Sample Worksheet


We specialise in both Science and Mathematics for Secondary 1-4 levels. Available topics are listed below. Click on a topic for a preview.

Mathematics - Secondary 1

Mathematics - Secondary 2

E-Maths - Secondary 3

E-Maths - Secondary 4

A-Maths - Secondary 3

A-Maths - Secondary 4

Physics - Secondary 3

Physics - Secondary 4

Chemistry - Secondary 3 & 4

Combined Physics - Secondary 3 & 4

Combined Chemistry - Secondary 3 & 4

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